Announcement IPD Scientific Board per October 2021

IPD (Implant Preservation Devices) would like to welcome our scientific advisory panel to support us in our journey towards the solution for prosthetic joint and metal implant infections, using antibacterial non-contact induction heating. On a regular base they will advice IPD in the different scientific development phases with their independent expertise, so IPD can develop the best solution for this devastating complication after total hip and knee replacement.
From left to right: Dr.Fintan Moriarty (AO Foundation), Prof.dr.Ricardo Sousa (Porto University Hospital Center), Dr.Martin Clauss (University of Basel), Dr.Marjan Wouthuyzen-Bakker (Internist/Infectiologist University Hospital Groningen NL), Prof.dr.Rob Nelissen (inventor) and Dr.Bart Pijls (inventor); both from Leiden University Medical Center NL.