Announcement IPD Scientific Board per October 2021

IPD (Implant Preservation Devices) would like to welcome our scientific advisory panel to support us in our journey towards the solution for prosthetic joint and metal implant infections, using antibacterial non-contact induction heating. On a regular base they will advice IPD in the different scientific development phases with their independent expertise, so IPD can develop […]

Hedon Electronic development joins IPD and IDE development team

Recently IPD, #ipdhealth, announced the cooperation with IDE group, #idegroup, as our preferred partner for the development of IPD’s Non-contact induction heating device for the treatment of prosthetic and metal implant infections.Last week Hedon Electronics development,, from Delft, the Netherlands, joined our development team. Hedon manufactures since 1990 products for induction heating and is an abslolute expert […]

IDE-group, product development partner of IPD

Recently IPD signed a product development agreement with IDE group in Rotterdam. IDE is an ISO 13485 certified company with locations in Australia, USA and the Netherlands. IDE has a broad experience in medical device product development and will use their expertise to develop IPD’s induction device to treat Prosthetic Joint Infections in the coming […]

NWA-grant voor onderzoek naar prothese-infecties

Onderzoekers van het Medical Delta programma Medical Delta: Improving Mobility with Technology hebben een grote NWA-grant binnengehaald voor onderzoek naar prothese-infecties. Scientific leader prof. dr. Rob Nelissen (LUMC, TU Delft) en consortiumlid dr. Bart Pijls (LUMC) leiden minimaal twee onderzoeksprojecten voor twee promovendi.